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Get inspired with the top 10 bathroom trends of 2019

2019 Bathroom trends - Immaculate Bathrooms Perth - brass ware - bathroom glossary

How does the saying go? History repeats itself. You may not realise it but history has a way of repeating itself throughout all mediums including music, art, fashion and interior design.

The start of 2019 for bathroom design has been an interesting one with trends transforming what was once a utilitarian space into a sanctuary of character, beauty and luxury.

Gone are the days of your bathroom simply being the four walls where your mundane day began, and instead a destination for retreat, warmth and individualism.

Bathroom design trends of 2019 have captured the perfect blend of that classic vintage look with a touch of modernism and minimalism to create an undeniable alluring design.

Whether you’re building, renovating or simply looking for ways to spruce up your bathroom, here are the top 10 inspirations for 2019.


Industrial design

Industrial design can be described as raw, naked and exposed. It utilises metal framings, exposed tapware and hardware to add a distinctive architectural flair that’s minimalistic and modern whilst retaining its 18th century roots.

This design trend incorporates warm metals including brass, brushed brass, brushed nickel, copper, gold, and even matte black against white or grey back drops of marble, stone tiles, and concrete.

The exposed coloured metal brings warmth and dimension, injecting a sense of luxe and glamour that was once had in the 1960s and 70s.


Bold colours

Black is back and in the summer of 2019 it’s all about being bold and beautiful. Using bold colours as a bathroom accent you can completely change the look of your space to channel home luxury and evoke an indulgent high-end experience.

Consider using bold colours such as black, matte black, deep forest green and striking navy against light backdrops, marble or concrete textures to create that timeless, modern and chic look.

It is important to remain consistent with your colours and don’t overdo them. If your set on matte black faucets, ensure your accessories, vanity and shower hardware are the same.


Make a statement with marble

the tile boutique - marble porcelain sheet
Credit: Jupps Floor Coverings

Marble upon marble upon marble. A strong popular choice of material for 2019 is the use of white/grey marble everywhere and anywhere in your bathroom including, walls, floors, basins, soap dishes and accessories.

It is a great way to achieve that classic and timeless look that is traditional whilst being modern, simplistic and chic. Marble exudes luxury and is the perfect catalyst to create a stunning focal point in your bathroom.

Marble is a little on the expensive side so if your budget is tight you can still achieve this finesse with quartz and porcelain tiles which has that natural stone aesthetic.

You don’t have to be renovating or building to integrate marble into your bathroom. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, simply replace your bathroom accessories such as trays, soap dispensers and dishes, or your basin.

Marble bench top - Immaculate Bathroom

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, Terrazzo has become a major hit in creating statement basins and is popular in art deco design.


An artistic attitude


Add a focal point to your bathroom with a sophisticated piece of fine art. In 2019 its all about having an artistic attitude and there’s no better way to make a statement in your bathroom than with a piece of art that injects colour, texture and personality.


Invisible shower walls

Floor to ceiling glass enclosures around your shower has become extremely popular spa-inspired look that showcases the whole bathroom. The spa-inspired look opens up your bathroom space making it look more expansive and light-filled.

This can also be integrated with a dam-less shower so that the space doesn’t look cut off from the rest of your bathroom.

Whilst adding a touch of a luxe hotel experience, it can be quite a costly addition.


Mirror mirror on the wall

An essential piece to every bathroom is a place of vanity. Round mirrors have become a focal point to small bathrooms that can add warmth and brighten up a monochromatic space.

Vintage wooden framed mirrors pair well with patterned ceramic tiles or exposed brass/gold tapware and hardware to create a classic modern look that is timeless.

Or if you’re after something more industrial, you can opt for a metal framed circular mirror, or tap into a smaller niche of rounded rectangular frames.


Simple storage

As we adopt a more minimalistic approach to life, we are always looking for ways to make our lives more convenient. The days of hoarding hygiene products in your cabinets are gone. Cabinets and cupboards are chunky and take up a lot of space, by introducing open storage you free up a lot of dead space.

It’s all about hanging shelves and open storage areas that open up the space and provide easy access to your daily essentials.


Add a little warmth

As we get caught up in an industrial movement of greys, whites and blacks we can often forget how monotonous, cold and hard the environment can get.

Using natural materials in the bathroom, whether it is driftwood, reclaimed barn wood or stained wood adds a dimension that is soft, warm and comfortable.

With a scandinavian sleek design in mind, you can expect to see a white space with warm wooden features to soften the room.

You can opt for wooden framed mirrors, wooden hanging shelves, countertops, even hardwood flooring, but be weary that excess water that isn’t dried will cause the timber to deteriorate faster.


The future of technology

The future has arrived with tech infused bathrooms that can include mirrors with LED lighting, motion detecting faucets, automatic temperature regulators, underfloor heating systems, and smart toilets.


A touch of nature

Indoor plants took 2018 by storm and not just in bathrooms. Growing into 2019, indoor plants have taken over our lives and can be found in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, pretty much all habitual spaces.

If you’re going for a monochromatic or industrial design and need a bit of warmth and colour, adding a few indoor plants will do the trick.


Keep it simple

When it comes to styling a bathroom it should always be clean and minimal to achieve a modern yet timeless design.

If you aren’t looking to remodel and you’re not building this doesn’t mean you can’t jump on the latest trends.

Try incorporating different coloured accessories such as thick coloured towels, rugs, indoor plants, wooden mirrors, marble soap dispensers and tapware.

With these simple items you are able to swap them out with ease as the seasons change, allowing you to stay on top of trends that emerge in the years to come

If you are thinking about remodeling and feeling inspired after this article but not sure where to start, contact Immaculate Bathrooms for some friendly and professional advice. 



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