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Is Your Bathroom Childproof? Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Safe

How to childproof your bathroom

Find out how to make your bathroom a safer place for toddlers and young children.

What seems like a mundane part of life for an adult can quickly become a hazardous playground for young children.

Each morning we enter our routine on autopilot, from brushing our teeth to taking a shower, we aren’t worried about the shaver left on the counter or that the toilet seat has been left open.

What we tend to forget is how hazardous these mistakes can be for our little ones.

From cabinet locks and bathtub seats, to tempered safety glass and simple cleaning tips, we show you how to make your bathroom a safer environment and kid friendly.


Secure your toilet

We’ve become accustomed to our toilets, we use them every day without a second thought on safety, but just how safe is it for your child? In order to babyproof your toilet, it’s a good idea to explore the different ways it could be hazardous to a child.

As an adult it’s easy to forget that a toilet can be a drowning hazard, especially when children can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. Here are 2 simple ways to improve on safety and to secure your toilet.

Use the right size training potty. For smaller children, use a potty that rests on the ground instead of on the toilet seat to minimise risk of falling in. Ensure all potties have been emptied and cleaned when not in use.

Install a toilet safety lock and keep your toilet lid closed at all times when not in use. A toilet safety lock prevents toddlers from accidentally falling into the toilet and protects small fingers from being hurt by heavy seats and lids. It also prevents any unwanted objects such as toys from being thrown in.


How to babyproof your bathtub

According to Royal Life Saving Australia, on average, 5 children under the age of 5 drown each year in Australia with 47 hospitalised due to bathtub drownings. All it takes for your child to drown is 2 inches of water and the doorbell or phone to ring, they are most vulnerable the moment you leave your child alone. It is arguably one of the most dangerous parts in your bathroom that requires the most attention.

Get a bath seat. A bath seat helps prevent your child from drowning by securing them in one position when in the tub whilst still allowing them to splash about. However, this should not be used to substitute supervision.

Install a grab/grip bar. Grab bars help provide extra support when getting in and out of the bath and prevent slipping. It is especially useful for a child who’s learning to bathe alone.

Install faucet padding. Bathtub faucets are at the perfect height to bruise or cut your toddlers head and back. By installing a padded faucet cover you can prevent any nasty injuries.


Secure your cabinets

Your bathroom cabinets are used to store a vast number of things including cleaning supplies, cosmetics, medication, razers, and hair styling equipment such as hairdryers and straightners. What may seem like a normal day for us can be quite harmful to our kids with sharp razors lying about and electrical appliances left plugged in.

Lock all cabinets. Make sure that everything is locked away and secured using cabinet locks to prevent your child from getting their hands on these items. Cabinet locks are super cheap and can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Don’t leave anything on the counter. You may have an assortment of hygiene products on your bathroom counter such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioners, moisturisers, mouthwash and vitamins. Anything that could end up in your child’s stomach should be kept locked away and out of reach.


Bathroom renovations

If you’re already thinking about renovating your bathroom, why not make it child-friendly at the same time? There are a number of child-friendly design tips to consider when remodelling your bathroom. From tempered safety glass shower doors to non-slip floors, here are some child-friendly bathroom design tips.

Install tempered safety glass. Replace your shower door, windows or any large full-length mirrors with safety glass. This will prevent them from shattering in case of anything hitting or putting pressure on the glass.

Install a hot water controller. An instant gas unit will allow you to control the temperature of water anytime needed. The ideal temperature for a child should be no warmer than 38 degrees, any higher and you run the risk of scalding.

Non slip floors. The bathroom can be a slippery place, especially when you have children splashing water everywhere. Getting non slip floors can help prevent slipping.

Reachable taps. Children can often get frustrated when they can’t reach the tap, which will lead them to find other ways, often dangerous, to reach the tap. Consider mounting the tap on the side for easier access and adding a more shallow bench or basin.

Remove sharp corners. Remove or cover any sharp corners by installing rubber bumpers. You may want to consider softer materials like acrylic or baths with curves instead of corners. 


Extra tips

Add bathroom mats to the bottom of the bathtub and rubber back carpet mats for the floor.

Clean your bathroom regularly to prevent growth of mildew and mold. This includes checking under mats, inside potties, bath seats and bath toys. For example, a rubber duck can soak up water and if not drained and dried, can accumulate mold.

Hide your bin behind closed doors. Used razor blades, sanitary items and all kinds of unsafe objects can be found in a bathroom bin, which is within easy reach of a child.

ALWAYS SUPERVISE. This one can’t be stressed enough, always supervise your child when they are in the bath.


If you are thinking of a total bathroom makeover in Perth to make it child friendlier, contact Immaculate Bathrooms. We have a  whole team of tradies so you have everything you need in one place, from design to plumbing and electrical.

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