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At Immaculate Bathrooms we work with your vision in mind to create a better space for you to home. Our styling process is based on the innovative techniques that we employ to achieve outstanding results at a reasonable cost.


This is the concept and design phase.

During this phase, we will discuss your vision of your ideal bathroom and begin setting the foundations of how we are going to achieve it.

Along the way we will be providing the pros and cons of the style, design and layout choices, so you get a bathroom that doesn’t just look great, but is also functional.


From top to bottom and start to finish, here’s how the magic happens:

-Colour consultation, which includes coordination of colours and a complete paint plan

-Decorative finishes to the walls such as wallpapers and decorative tiling

-Window treatments that include curtains and blinds

-Explore different types of flooring and their pros and cons

-The effects of different types of accessories, such as large circular mirrors

-Cabinetry, shelving and storage units

-Tapware and fixtures


We’ve worked with many different designs, which include Industrial Design, Bold Colours, Modern Contemporary, Statement Marble and Natural Stone, Invisible Shower Walls, Mosaic Tiling, Simplistic Storage, Technology upgrades such as heated flooring, and much more.


Whether you’re seeking a high-end bathroom with a big budget, or looking to achieve greatness with a low budget, Immaculate Bathrooms Perth will help you create a bathroom that inspires — the choice is yours.




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